Many forget that Prince Harry's

A terrorist attack leaves the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George and the Prime Minister dead. Only Prince Harry survives. All hail our Sovereign Lord, King Henry, by the Grace of God, the Ninth of that name."

Prince Harry has chosen the Royal Chapel at St James's Palace as the venue for the Christening of his nephew Prince George, his recently arrived rival for the British Throne. The Chapel, constructed by his hero Henry VIII, and where Mary I's heart is buried beneath the choir stalls, is small and perfectly suited for an ambush.

a film by Seumas Next,

Based on Plato’s Republic, HENRY THE 9 imagines Prince Harry as the King of a New British Empire and is dedicated to Seumas' great-uncle Henry Norris, beheaded by Henry VIII for his alleged affair with Anne Boleyn.

"This. Is. Hilarious!" Tiska Wiedermann (Development Director; Raindance Canada)


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