The dollar is dead! A

Filmed in 2009 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII's Coronation "Henry the 9" demonstrates the power of direct action and is now released to celebrate the Christening of Prince George at St James's Palace.


Christopher Green stars as Prince Harry; Christopher is an Olivier award-winning writer and performer whose work covers comedy, cabaret, theatre and live art and he has toured worldwide in venues as diverse as London's Royal Albert Hall and the Sydney Opera House.  Chris also brilliantly performs Henry VIII’s famous “Pastimes with Good Company” with the musical arrangement by Jethro Tull.


“Through the undeserved luxury of the sperm lottery I have the right tools to create a just and free world.” Seumas Next


"Not since Shakespeare has there been a script able to capture a moment in our time and isolate it so." Dr Stephan Kern

“Outrageous original humor" Luke Rhinehart

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